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    unruly merchants wanted


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    unruly merchants wanted Empty unruly merchants wanted

    Post by sheysterr on Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:03 pm

    unruly merchants wanted we have a spot for them. just load their butts up and send them. You know the ones I am talking about

    the one who is always drinking and taking his time

    stopping at other villages

    is costing you village to be taxed for his back child support

    being fat and lazy

    Well the camp at WE Lack Leadership (-78|290) are setting up a scared strait camp. thats right after they take that long 12 hour+ journey to the camp we will put them in boot camp of unruly merchants. this camp will take many trips of these unruly merchants to get back to where they can rejoin the rest of the pack. But we give a 100% garantee or your merchant will die on the long trail of redemption.

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